Teeth of Borak

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The Teeth of Borak is a bay of the Borean Ocean, connecting to the Sefyric Ocean in the south by way of Breathless Bay. Its waters are bordered to the east by the long, icy shores of the Tundra of Sapience and to the south by the Ishana Peninsula. The northerly peaks of the Saoghal Mountains afford a view of the Teeth of Borak, most notably from the tip of the Dreamspear.

Eirenwaar Island is the only isle within the choppy outer waters of the Teeth, and to date, this is its only major harbour. The settlement of Kamleikan sits on the far eastern shores of a narrow inlet of the bay, but Kamleikan has no safe harbours or docks for proper mooring.

Natural resources of the Teeth of Borak include abundant deep-sea fish populations such as whiskerknot skrei, stripefish, two-headed fish, giant hatchetfish, coelacanth, spotted fangtooth, duskfin tuna, and redfin tuna. In addition, harp seals, sabre walruses, narwhals, and penguins all dwell within the iceberg-laden waters.