Borean Ocean

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The frigid, dark waters of the Borean Ocean are as icy as its former ocean spirit Borak, Guardian of the Northern Sea. Due to his transgressions against his master Lord Neraeos in the city of Hashan, Borak was banished to an icy prison and the Celani Iliya, Winter's Light, has assumed the responsibility of governing his realm. Surrounding the upper portion of Sapience and occupying some inlets like the glacial waters of Kamleikan, life appears to be scarce within this ocean.

Centred within the Borean Ocean's ice-locked waters are the Ilyrean Isles, of which only Ilyrean Caverns and Suliel Island are named and populated. Further south, upon the northwest Borean shores of the Sapient mainland, lies the glacial settlement of Isaia. The ocean is also bordered by the Caspiite Reaches.