Year 200

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In the year 199AF, Lord Sarapis declared that a festival "the likes of which have not yet been seen on this world" would take place upon the New Year to honour the anniversary of the fall of the Seleucarian Empire. Contests of skill and wit, feasting and drinking were promised, with the winner of the contests awarded the legendary Staff of Nicator.

Three events were conducted for the festival, with the top five finishers in each receiving recognition from Lord Sarapis. Isildur and Asmodaeus tied for top overall honours with 9 points each, with Isildur being declared the overall winner after besting Asmodaeus in a tie-breaking race.

Overall Year 200 Scores

Ranks 1-4
Rank Adventurer Total Points
1 Isildur 9.0
2 Asmodaeus 9.0
3 Morpheus 7.0
4 Jordi 5.0
4 (tie) Kassandra 5.0

Quiz Results

Rank Adventurer Quiz Score
1 Asmodaeus 9
2 Kassandra 8
3 Naiad 7
4 Vieira 6
4 (tie) Aekold 6

Egghunt Results

Rank Adventurer Egghunt Score
1 Isildur 186
2 Asmodaeus 89
3 Jordi 59
4 Morpheus 57
5 Kassandra 11

Combat Tournament Results

Rank Adventurer
1st Morpheus
2nd Isildur
3rd Danicar
4th Jordi
4th (tie) Changcoix