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Every city-state in Achaea is presided over by a ruling council. A ruling council consists of five to seven adventurers, with one serving as the city leader at large. Unlike the ministries, which manage day-to-day affairs of a functioning city, the ruling council has general authority, oversight, and responsibility in fulfilling the vision of the city. They are usually appointed via general election, although in theocratic systems they are nearly always appointed by the Divine Patron.

While the perceived responsibilities of a ruling council may vary in the eyes of each citizen, it can safely be said that the ruling council must take credit, or blame, for what happens to their city. While the power to actually affect most city-related things lies in the hands of the Ministers and their aides, it is the ruling council who chooses the leader and appoints Ministers. If Ministers or the leader are doing a poor job, that would be the concern of the ruling council.

Current City Councils

  • Ashtan: Council of Archons, headed by the Overseer
  • Cyrene: Council of Senators, headed by the Imperiate
  • Eleusis: Council of Hierophants, headed by the Speaker
  • Hashan: Council of Regents, headed by the Seneschal
  • Mhaldor: Council of Viceroys, headed by the Tyrannus
  • Targossas: Council of Lumarchs, headed by the Dawnlord

Former City Councils

  • Shallam: Council of Viziers, headed by the Caliph