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Player Killing, also called PK, refers to combat between adventurers. In Achaea, player killing is restricted by heavily-enforced rules.

  • Free PK is a term that generally applies to worldwide events such as games or other special activities. Occasionally, it may apply to geographical areas (as is the case with Nishnatoba), when announced accordingly by the administration. Under this state, no one gains or uses up cause, and nothing is changed as a result of death.
  • Open PK refers most often to Infamous adventurers, thieves, and members of the Ivory or Quisalis Marks, but it may apply to other situations, too. Persons under this state gain cause as normal when attacked or killed but may not issue against their attackers.
  • Full PK typically applies to a geographical location, notably enchanted Annwyn and the forbidding Underworld. These areas are thought of as zones where open PK becomes applicable to everyone and not only specific types of people, as cause may still be gained or used, and issues are still not an option.