New Year's

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New Year's is a holiday that takes place each year on the 1st of Sarapin. Adventurers choose to celebrate in a variety of ways.

In the year 236, a festival to honour Sarapis was held that began with a procession from the ivy-covered archway to Minia and ended at Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Offerings were made to honour the Logos and afterward a grand feast was enjoyed.

Through the years, the celebrations have taken on a more aesthetic quality with the assistance of Ty Beirdd, the House of arts in Cyrene, and their forebears the Bards Guild. On this special date, people gather on the second level of the Dancing Boar Inn where the audience is treated to a New Year's Concert of performances that include, but are not limited to, dancing, singing, music, reciting of poetry or essays, and theatrical skits.