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Lucretius, God of Philosophy
Realm Philosophy
Symbols an unblinking eye within an open book
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples None

Lucretius, God of Philosophy and Knowledge, was one of the original Elder Gods created by Ayar. Of Lucretius very little is noted but for being enigmatic and for His prediction that descendants of Sinope and Callisto likely phase out from their immortal state to mortality. This was the inevitable result of interbreeding pure Chaos with an Aldar; the entropic energy inherent in the Unnamable Horror would gradually cause the Aldar energy of Maya to deteriorate over time.

Though absent from mortal affairs for many generations, Lucretius is worshipped by the priestesses who dwell on the Island of New Hope. The Lucretian Athenaeum in New Thera, the Lucrescent nut, and the Ring of Lucretian Clarity—all mind-expanding tools to be sure—are also named in His honour.