Kris Dagger

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The unnamed Kris Dagger was created by the Triumvirate using the Eye of Proteus as a reward for the successes of the demon general Indrani. Connected to the demon planes by its very nature, the dagger enabled Indrani to command the vast legions of demons with ease. Near the end of the Chaos Wars, Twilight and Aegis entered a short-lived alliance and used the Kris Dagger to seal Indrani and her legions within the demon planes.

During the War of the Divine Child, the Kris Dagger appeared in the Mannaseh Swamp, calling to adventurers to wield it and take it to the fissure that Sartan had created using the Eye of Proteus. The dagger was then used to sacrifice the child-God Pandemonium, enabling Indrani to both escape the demon planes and acquire Divine power, incarnating into Indrani, Goddess of Sin.