Grand Merchant Collective

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The Grand Merchant Collective
Leader Laytron Rousseau
Patron TBD
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Drazik Lokelinde
City None
Classes Permitted Magi, Sentinel, Sylvan and Runewarden
House Tutor Eloeth
Heraldric Arms Purpure, an ox passant Or
Icon The Spear of Arn

The Grand Merchant Collective was refounded from Hashani Merchants of the Crown, which was founded previously from the Magi-classed Guild of the Sorcerers. Today, The Grand Merchant Collective aims to unite the merchants of Achaea under one banner from the town Delos. Weaving together the paths of Tome, Wanderer, Blade, and Sovereign, the House strives to retain balance in all walks of life. Each path offers training through which any member can seize and wield opportunities for success. The Merchants achieve strength by working together and respecting each other's differences at all times. Each member is therefore bound by a code of honour, one that emphasises loyalty, integrity, and dedication to unity through mutual respect.


Drazik Lokelinde (born 12 Lupar, 221 AF), originally a prominent Druid, left the forestal Guild to found the Sorcerers after becoming a citizen of Hashan. In the year 398AF, the Sorcerer's Guild officially became a house, restructuring as the Merchants of the Crown. In the year 633AF, the house struck out on their own, leaving Hashan and moving to Delos so that they could extend their reach in uniting merchants from all over the world under one banner.

Political History


260 AF - Lady Ourania became the first Patron.
344 AF - Lady Demeter replaced Lady Ourania.
358 AF - Lady Selene replaced Lady Demeter.
400 AF - Lord Prospero replaced Lady Selene.
434 AF - Lady Ourania replaced Lord Prospero.
440 AF - Lord Prospero replaced Lady Ourania.
459 AF - Lady Ourania replaced Lord Prospero.
521 AF - Lord Phaestus replaced Lady Ourania.
568 AF - Lord Phaestus left as Patron and set the house adrift.
575 AF - Lord Phaestus became Patron.
592 AF - Lady Selene replaced Lord Phaestus.
611 AF - Lady Selene was slain, leaving the house without a Patron.
617 AF - Lady Valnurana became Patron.

Leadership - Guildmasters

256 AF - Founder: Drazik.
264 AF - Caleth replaced Drazik as Guildmaster.
352 AF - Malec replaced Caleth as Guildmaster.
352 AF - Tachyon replaced Malec as Guildmaster.
374 AF - Merik replaced Tachyon as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Overseers of Prosperity

380 AF - First Overseer of Prosperity: Merik
403 AF - Raynin replaced Merik as the Overseer of Prosperity.
419 AF - Sorill replaced Raynin as the Overseer of Prosperity.
430 AF - Dassa replaced Sorill as the Overseer of Prosperity.
433 AF - Saltaern replaced Dassa as the Overseer of Prosperity.
470 AF - Aviolana replaced Saltaern as the Overseer of Prosperity.
483 AF - Laytron replaced Aviolana as the Overseer of Prosperity.
499 AF - Aviolana replaced Laytron as the Overseer of Prosperity.
505 AF - Wattsee replaced Aviolana as the Overseer of Prosperity.
521 AF - Chani replaced Wattsee as the Overseer of Prosperity.
533 AF - Kista replaced Chani as the Overseer of Prosperity.
536 AF - Trey replaced Kista as the Overseer of Prosperity.
549 AF - Kitarel replaced Trey as the Overseer of Prosperity.

Leadership - Keepers of the Coin

633 AF - First Keeper of the Coin: Kitarel
650 AF - Sheltan replaced Kitarel as Keeper of the Coin
669 AF - Laytron replaced Sheltan as Keeper of the Coin

Icon History

??? AF - The Spear of Arn was raised.
??? AF - The icon was destroyed Mhaldorian forces.
??? AF - The icon was raised once more.


Eloeth resides within Estate of the Grand Merchant Collective in Delos, the House estate of the Merchants, and exists as the House tutor. Mistress Aethene within the marketplace area of the estate where she talks with adventurers about the services offered by the house, and Stablemistress Kishori tends mounts in the house's clean-swept stableyard.

Sophitia, the Merchant bartender, can be found at The Merchants' Bar and Lounge in the old House estate building in Hashan. She works from behind the counter, framed by a variety of exotic liquors, serving a variety of unique food and drink to both House members and visitors to the citadel.