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Sophitia, the bartender, can be found at The Citadel Bar and Lounge in the Citadel of Prosperity, the former estate of the Merchants of the Crown. She works from behind the counter, framed by a variety of exotic liquors, serving a variety of unique food and drink to both House members and visitors to the Citadel of Prosperity.

With her freckled face, warm smile, dimpled cheeks, brilliant red curls, and emerald eyes, Sophitia is a vision of loveliness. The simple silk blouse she wears is unbuttoned slightly to show off the silver-chained, fire-drop pendant adorning her voluptuous bosom. About her slender waist is tied a plain white apron, and black silk trousers hug her generous hips.

Sophitia particularly appreciates tips and has set up a tip jar specifically for the purpose of collecting donations.

Sophitia's Wares

a steaming plate of artfully arranged crab claws - 480gp
The aroma of butter and garlic wafts from this delightful dish. Eight ample crab claws have been split laterally, butterflied and arranged in a windmill pattern. A garnish of parsley rests between each, the verdant sprigs fanning out in an attractive array of colour, contrasting wonderfully with the tender pink meat.
ale (stout bottle of emerald glass) - 300gp
This squat verdant bottle contains a murky black ale, a faint effervescence lazily rising to the surface. A faded parchment label wraps around the middle with a tower-stamped coin depicted expertly in the centre, the words 'Sovereign Stout' ringing it in glossy black calligraphy. A mushroomed cork sealed in crimson wax plugs the neck firmly, a single gold coin affixed to the top.
ale (slim bottle of cobalt glass) - 300gp
The bright blue hue of this slim glass catches the light, reflecting shimmering colours as the pale ale within bubbles away merrily. A grey parchment label circles the middle, an embossed section of gold depicting a towering statuesque figure, the words 'Aureus Ale' framing it in handsome block lettering. A tapered cork sealed in silvery wax plugs the neck firmly, a single gold coin affixed to the top.