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Vampires are one of but a few breeds of truly sentient undead beings, along with liches and, in some instances, ghosts. They subsist on the blood of the living, sinking their elongated canines into deep-flowing arteries and veins to revel in the life essence they are unable to produce on their own. Most vampires have the ability to fly and at least some degree of telekinetic control. Many vampires prefer to take an aristocratic motif and appear as elegant and refined as they might have been in their former lives, though more often than not, their paleness of skin, lack of warmth, and elongated fangs betray them.

The former Lord of the Underworld, Ugrach, despises the surface-dwelling vampires, especially Zsarachnor, who managed to escape his control. Ur'Vampires are stronger versions of vampires.

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