Expansion of Hashan

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The expansion of Hashan began in the late 220s AF, when citizens started to claim vast portions of the Northern Ithmia as part of the burgeoning city's territory. By planting flags throughout the forest, a location was then officially claimed and began to produce income for the city. This occupation, however, had a detrimental effect upon its surroundings, most visibly by drastically reducing the growth of plantlife in the area. Additional problems were raised by the fact that a number of the locations were groves imprinted by Druids and Sentinels.

As forestals worried about their homes, Gaia, Goddess of Nature, formed the Council of Oakstone, whose members decried the actions of Hashan and began to work towards a solution. Hashan began construction on a road to lead out of the city, destroying a few locations in the process, which was grudgingly accepted by most, but few had any idea about what was to happen next.

In 230 AF, Hashan's workmen clear-cut large portions of North Ithmia in order to make room for the expansion of their city. Outraged by the destruction of the forest, Gaia called to Lupus, the Wild God of the Beasts, to return to this realm. He returned to the lands with His werewolves, who rampaged through the city in retaliation before an agreement was reached with Twilight, the city's patron, to bring an end to the violence.