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Borak is the original guardian spirit of the Northern Sea and is the most powerful Caspeid, though not the brightest. This ocean spirit is known for his treasonous, manipulative behaviour, and has been attempting to usurp the rulership of the seas from Neraeos since the God succeeded His Father Caspian. Since this time, Borak has been a part of many schemes both above and below the waves, most of which have ended in disastrous consequences. He is known to sometimes take the Caspeid Notia as his consort.

The first major transgression occurred in Hashan, when Borak moved the Obelisk of Darkness from its home in the centre of Hashan to what would be an island in the Southern Sea. The power of the Obelisk could perhaps have weakened Neraeos in some way. This plan fell awry when the Caspeid Sefyr found and intercepted Borak, plunging the Obelisk into deep water until it was retrieved many years later.

The second major transgression happened when an artefact known as the Spear of Tides was mysteriously stolen from the Temple of the Sea. Borak wished to find the item for himself and believed it was in or around Hashan. True to his nature, the Caspeid went on a rampage, killing all in his path until he could find the weapon. This went on until the triton known as Aeolos faced him at the Crossroads of Hashan. Aeolos was then slain by Borak, at which point he fled in fear to the north, knowing that the death of Neraeos' most trusted friend would bring tremendous wrath upon him. The Spear of Tides was later found nearby Hashan by a contingent of Hashani led by Alynna.

Borak was punished for the death of Aeolos by being imprisoned in his own icy palace by the Demi-Goddess known as Iliya.

After centuries of silence, the quiet of the icy waters was disrupted by the rabble-rousing Pandora in 816 AF. Concluding an unknown bargain, the Goddess subdued Iliya with song before restoring governance of the seas to Borak.

The brisk tundran bay known as the Teeth of Borak is named for Borak.