Zaphar River

This page is about the river. For other uses, please see Zaphar (disambiguation).

The Zaphar River begins in the Granite Hills, where it is fed by an underground spring. Travelling southwards through the continent of Sapience, it follows a primarily straight path, separating the Western Ithmia from the Northern and Eastern Ithmias, while a tributary of the Zaphar separates the Northern and Eastern Ithmias themselves. Further south within its waters lies the Isle of Delos, which temporarily bisects the river. It continues onward through the Putoran Hills where the younger Silverveil branches away, before flowing southwards parallel to the Raphaelan Highway, emptying into the Peshwar Delta.

The river has been poisoned on several occasions. In 385 AF, it, along with all other Sapient rivers, was plagued by a toxic substance that resulted in the weakening, or even death, of all life within. This was caused by the need of Lady Kastalia's "tear", a dwelling which called for pure waters to fulfil and feed its unborn Goddess. Once the tear was fully satiated, it transformed into the new Deity, and the rivers were at last cleared by a special flower bulb She bestowed to adventurers upon Her birth. In 479 AF, the Zaphar was tainted again, this time by the mental machinations of old man Zaphar, who was driven mad by Nomku, a spirit of the Dreamrealm. The resulting madness both poisoned the life within and caused the river to overflow, destroying the Isle of Delos with its flooding.