The Logosmas Shop

The Logosmas Shop is a virtual shop open only during Logosmas. Adventurers can purchase rare items as well as Logosmas-themed artefacts using silvery candycanes acquired during the holiday season.

Current Listing

ID Item Price
1 a shimmering pair of snowfall wings 400cc
2 a festive Logosmas tunic 80cc
3 a bauble gem 200cc
4 a decorated grimoire 200cc
5 a crown of holly 100cc
6 a brooch of the first holiday snow 30cc
7 a halfling's hood 80cc
8 a wrapped gem 80cc
9 a jingling bell-studded shackle 120cc
10 a garland festooned wand 160cc
11 a braided garland bracelet 140cc
12 a ring of Draconic Jubilee 170cc
13 a ring of Logosmas clarity 170cc
14 a Logosmas tree talisman 200cc
15 Ironbeard's armband 100cc
16 a reindeer wrangler's boomerang 90cc
17 a dark chocolate chip 160cc
18 a pair of Logosmas spurs 100cc
19 an eggnog spigot 80cc
20 a festive, wooden flowerpot 40cc
21 an icy cleaver 60cc
22 a glacial almanac 70cc
23 a holly-decked vault 100cc
24 a ribbon-tied chocolate box 40cc
25 a decorated cigar box 20cc
26 a tundral drinking horn 30cc
27 an antler pipe 10cc
28 a sharpened Logosmas tree trunk 30cc
29 a prismatic tree lantern 70cc
30 a golden cube 70cc
31 a clasp of the animal spirit 100cc
32 a Scorpic Band of Mind Distension 60cc
33 a Bracers of the Phoenix 50cc
34 an Ekanelian Jewel 100cc
35 a golden pendulum 100cc
36 a mesmer's fetish 100cc
37 a shining insignia of prowess 160cc
38 a quill of Inscribing 50cc
39 a Rakia's flame 70cc
40 a silver tuning fork 40cc
41 a Sorceror's notebook 70cc
42 a pair of brass knuckles 160cc
43 an amethyst skull pendant 160cc
44 an Yggdrasian splinter 160cc
45 a Scimitar of Falcons 160cc
46 a Stonereaver battleaxe 160cc
47 a Worldforge Warhammer 160cc
48 an Axe of the Hunt 160cc
49 a Raphaelan mace 160cc
50 a Skullsplitter flail 160cc
51 a Wyvern's Lash 160cc
52 a Carnivalis blackjack 160cc
53 a interlocked cache 5cc
54 a wintry ceramic pot 200cc
55 a Mayan crown 10cc
56 a Blademasters band of lightning 160cc