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The clay flowerpot is an artefact that grows seventeen different types of flowers. Each Achaean day, the flowerpot has a 33% chance of growing one random flower. Though imbued with magic, these clay flowerpots don't look any different from ordinary, run-of-the-mill flowerpots. They can be purchased from two artefact shops: Gemstone vials of Moghedu and Merentesh's Miscellaneous Artefact Shop in Delos.


  • Black rose
  • Bright yellow rose
  • Bunch of yellow freesias
  • Cheerful yellow tulip
  • Cluster of snapdragons
  • Delicate iris
  • Delicate pink rose
  • Fiery red tulip
  • Pink carnation
  • Purple tulip
  • Red rose
  • Striped orchid
  • Tiger lily
  • Twilight blue rose
  • Vibrant sunflower
  • White rose
  • Yellow lily

Upon its introduction to the realm, Jerainne, the flower merchant of Hashan and Serinala, the flower merchant of Ashtan, announced their respective retirements and left for areas unknown.