Toby Treacletart

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Outlander Toby Treacletart is a newcomer in the Scions of the Ithmia.

His adventurous start in the realm began in 855 AF after the gnome stuffed his pockets with gumdrops and candied violets and left the village of Gorshire and his mother Conteza's care to become a famed adventurer.

Taking up the Magi class, the young gnome set forth on a whirlwind tour of the realm, venturing to each city. Ultimately, he chose the Village of Eleusis as his new home, becoming their first gnomish citizen.

His later adventures led Toby to suffer at the hands of Hashan's citizenry, when he took a wrong turn within the Ithmias and mistakenly ended up in their city-state.

In retribution for his murder and subsequent dissection, he spent many years hatching a plot. In 866 AF, Toby disguised himself as an ostler merchant and sold poisoned horse milk to the people of Hashan.