Crystalline Circle

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The Crystalline Circle
Leader Veldrin Crescent Concordia
Patron Pentharian, God of Valour
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Taranis
City Shallam
Classes Permitted Magi and Alchemist
House Tutor Ariela
Heraldric Arms Quarterly Azure and Argent, a staff dexter chief of the second and a crystal sinister base of the second
Icon The Crystal Mirror (Destroyed)

The Crystalline Circle resided within the city state of Shallam, advancing Good and Order by practicing three cardinal Virtues: Purity, Charity and Perseverance.

The House became a triumvirate in the year 423 AF, but this was quickly demolished in 438 AF and was replaced with an elected autocracy. The House itself was destroyed along with the Jewel of the East in 612 AF, the debris of its shattering drifting to the bottom of the sea.


The Crystalline Circle was founded as the Magi guild in 254 AF by Taranis, born Daedalan 21, 184 AF. Once a notable druid, Taranis left the guild and became a prominent citizen of Shallam, serving as advisor to the Sultan. In the year 254 AF, he found the Crystal Caverns and rediscovered knowledge of the Magi. He utilised these newfound skills to found the guild.


When Bal'met, the Worldreaver destroyed Shallam in 612, its Houses were also destroyed. Crystalline members escaped their shattered circle into exile, following the rest of the survivors to refuge on New Hope before assisting in the founding of the new city-state of Targossas in 623.

Political History


??? AF - Lord Pentharian replaced Lady Lorielan.

Leadership - Guildmasters

254 AF - Founder: Taranis.
263 AF - Kyasha replaced Taranis as Guildmaster.
269 AF - Yang replaced Taranis as Guildmaster.
274 AF - Kail replaced Yang as Guildmaster.
280 AF - Mulkerrin replaced Kail as Guildmaster.
286 AF - Ryvern replaced Mulkerrin as Guildmaster
292 AF - Rivalyn replaced Ryvern as Guildmaster.
302 AF - Solar replaced Rivalyn as Guildmaster.
331 AF - Merra replaced Solar as Guildmaster
355 AF - Carmell replaced Merra as Guildmaster.
370 AF - Eponine replaced Carmell as Guildmaster.

Leadership - The Lords/Ladies of the Nexus

423 AF - First Lady of the Nexus: Eponine.
440 AF - Solar replaced Eponine as the Lady of the Nexus.
448 AF - Yen replaced Solar as the Lady of the Nexus.
479 AF - Veldrin replaced Yen as the Lady of the Nexus, and became the last Lord of the Nexus in turn.

Icon History

??? AF - The Crystal Mirror was raised.
419 AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.


Residing within the estate of the Crystalline Circle was Ariela the Wise, existing as their tutor.