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Tassad Baraslan (? – Chronos 25, 193 AF) was a Mhun who lived during the early Modern Age. While gathering water for his Moghedu kin, he was rescued from certain death in the desert sun by a former Sentaari. As thanks, Baraslan vowed to join the Sentaari and attempt to restore the vision he felt their guild once held. To this end he founded the Ivory Hand, a humanitarian organisation designed to provide aid to the sick and poor.

A short while later, Sarapis approached Tassad Baraslan in physical form. The Logos asked Tassad to help bring new light and purpose to both the Priests guild and the Church. Baraslan quickly rose through the ranks, attaining the position of Church secretary in short order.

In his studies on Church history, Tassad came across a strange tome that spoke of a being named Dunamis who existed on a plane of pure Order. Baraslan wished to summon Dunamis to the Prime Material Plane in order to produce a patron for the Church, but such an act would disrupt the perfect order of Dunamis's plane, effectively destroying it. Through a complex holy ritual, Tassad took the place of the spirit and was himself killed in the process. Sarapis raised Dunamis to godhood and bestowed upon Dunamis a new name and mantle - that of Deucalion, God of Justice.