Statute of acknowledgement

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Secured with black silk and lettered on fine parchment, a statute of acknowledgement is an artefact document which affords the bearer the right to have their victories over others celebrated by their home city. When the bearer slays another adventurer a deathsight specific to the owner's city is announced rather than the standard deathsight vision. Statutes of acknowledgement were first made available for sale at the Stand of Wonders in 780 AF.


  • Ashtan: Broken upon <killer>'s might, <victim> has paid the ultimate price for his rejection of ascension at the hands of the Chaos Court.
  • Cyrene: The measured poise of Vashnarian discipline condemns <victim> to a swift death before <killer>, unworthy of further consideration.
  • Eleusis: Sung in sparrowflight, the whispering boughs of the Great Oak tell of <victim>'s untimely demise at the hands of <killer>, slain in the defence of Nature.
  • Hashan: Distant, otherworldly screeching flares from the shattered depths of the Sunderlands as <killer> lays <victim> aside in the name of progress.
  • Mhaldor: The halls of the Black Cathedral upon Baelgrim echo in solemn song with <victim>'s death at the hands of <killer>, commemorating true Strength.
  • Targossas: Hymns sung in sacred duty arise from the Heart of Dawn, honoring the triumph of <killer> over <victim> in the pursuit of Creation's sanctity.