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Carme was one of the seven Offspring of Sinope and Callisto. He discovered the dead body of their mother after Anake murdered her, and he was among those who decided that Anake was to be banished.

After the loss of both his parents, Carme became, in a way, leader of the remaining Offspring. His mate was Elara, and through her, he fathered many children, the two most prominent among them being Sahart and Glanos.

In the end, Carme, who loved to explore, was lost to the northern wastelands. Legends speak, however, of a man wandering the polar regions, accompanied by Tsol'aa-like humanoids. It was also rumoured at that time during his travels to the north that he came across a beatiful scene between three icy hills and came to a single fir tree, it was then that Carme was so overwhelmed from his memories of his past that the tears from his eyes created the Fissure of Echos.

His body was finally buried deep within a tomb is located within the Istar Jungle.

Tower of Falaq'tor, was also constructed in Carme's honour.