Sacrificial kris

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The sacrificial kris is an artefact introduced in 559 AF in Merentesh's Shop of Wonders in Delos. The kris is a dagger forged from steel and has a somewhat scalloped or wavering edge which is set in a haft of ebony. The blade is etched with depictions of Aldar runes which represent death and sacrifice.

In addition to its functioning as a weapon, the kris may be attuned to any particular Deity in the presence of one of Their shrines, following which corpses may be offered to that God or Goddess for essence. The kris must be wielded to be used, and the attuning lasts until either the kris is re-tuned or the shrine used for the initial tuning is reduced to dust.

Relating to the plane of Nishnatoba, this talisman was rediscovered with the planar talismans promotion.


(1) the blade for a sacrificial kris, level 1
(1) the haft for a sacrificial kris, level 1
(1) the runes for a sacrificial kris, level 1
(1) the steel for a sacrificial kris, level 1