Jaguars crime wave

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Around the year 363 AF, the Jaguars crime wave struck the continent of Sapience. Both highly organised and diversified, the Jaguars crime ring exerted their influence over the many crime rings across the continent, catching easy prey with many off guard. Led by a woman named Felisse, the Jaguars redistributed a large amount of the continent's gold into their own coffers. Ruthless and brutal, the organisation had no qualms about slaughtering any who got in their way, including those within their ranks that failed. Ultimately stopped, but never caught, the current status of the Jaguars and their remaining members is unknown.


Events in Ashtan began with the appearance of a pimp named Pandarus. Wandering the streets of the city he gave a sly grin to any willing to pass him the gold to spend time with one of his girls. About the same time, Ashtan's resident footpads began to peddle a brand new drug named gleam, offering samples of their wares at first to let people test their product. Questioning Pandarus about odd occurrences around the city, the pimp was furtive but offered a bit of information when asylum was offered. Unfortunately, before he could accept the offer outright, he was found hanging above the Parade of Zarathustra from a noose. Soon after, Epicurus was found drugged and unresponsive, and the shopkeepers were raising their prices to keep up with the protection fees. Amadia broke down eventually, explaining that she had been silent while others took her prospective apprentices away due to the abduction of her mother, Maricel. Receiving Maricel's severed finger as a warning, Amadia snapped and refused to cooperate further. Following her abduction, the citizenry of Ashtan learned that the footpads worked for a man named Ysven who held his base behind the Pheidus Gambling Parlour. The citizenry raided the compound and found it was beneath the Montagenet Manor. Ysven had hypnotized the Dowager into helping him create gleam by pretending to be her prodigal son, Rudolpho. Ysven fled, taking the footpads with him, and the Dowager was awoken by Blujixapug with the help of her son.