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Ysven was a man who, because of his striking resemblence to the youthful Rudolpho Montagenet, was able to hypnotise Dowager Eliza Montagenet into creating gleam from the bones of orphans.

Involved with a mysterious woman with affiliations to an organisation responsible for criminal activity in each city, Ysven killed a flashy pimp called Pandarus as a public display of what happened to those who tried to work on their own.

When his attempt to take control of all crime in Ashtan failed, Ysven fled with his henchmen once the entrance to their hideout was revealed, taking with him most of the loot gained from local drug trafficking and extortion rackets. His origins and whereabouts remained a mystery well into the eighth century when he was discovered operating under the alias Akarim, and poisoning the urchins of Martin's Sorrow for mysterious reasons. When his identity was found, Ysven took his own life to evade capture.