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The qlippah, also known as qlippoth, are dark demons who were initially discovered feasting on the spirit of the Darkenwood Forest. Despite growing in power, the qlippah were eventually banished from the forest by the combined rituals of the Divine Orders of Twilight and Demeter.

Several years later, Lord Twilight and his followers summoned the qlippah in an effort to retrieve a fragment of an amulet believed to be necessary to heal the Darkenwood. The qlippah were sent in many numbers to the city of Cyrene to search for the fragment, fulfilling a vision seen by a young Mojushai monk. Discovering the fragment to be contained within the body of the young dragon Blu, the qlippah and other followers of Twilight set upon the dragon in an effort to gain it for their master. Despite the effort by many Cyrenians to protect their beloved dragon, the qlippah succeeded in defeating Blu, his spirit departing the realm while the amulet fragment remained.