Darkenwood Forest

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The Darkenwood Forest was created in 279 AF through the Ritual of the Darkenwood, a joint endeavor undertaken by the Orders of Twilight and Gaia to protect the forests of Sapience. Once a part of the Northreach Forest, the Darkenwood was imbued with the essence of Twilight and is now a completely separate place.

The main residents of the Darkenwood are the sentient, spider-like Arachnoi and their queen, Istishia. The spirit Urania, deeply connected to the very essence of the forest, dwells here, as did her sister Propasia, prior to Ascending as the Goddess Artemis. Atop a secluded tower, one will encounter Vinia, the Black, while within a secret crypt lurk dangerous shadows and Caligino, the Shade.

Sharbrena, the Cleric of Darkness, once sat within the Shadow Grove at the heart of the forest, guarding the entrance to the Shadow Realms.

Also of interest within the Darkenwood are several cairn stones marking the history surrounding the forest, as well as a library containing various texts of the Orders of Demeter and Twilight.