Pirates of Meropis

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Pirates of Meropis
Leader Jinsun
Allies Smugglers, Black Heart Cove

The Pirates of Meropis are a brotherhood of pirates that patrol the seas, charging gold in exchange for protection from their fleet. They were founded in 500 AF by Captain Zulah Blackheart after his discovery of the continent of Meropis, and are allegedly headquartered in Blackheart Cove on Shipwreck Isle. Their fleet includes notorious war-vessels such as Caspian's Mistake and the Black Sail.

Public alliance efforts by the Pirates of Meropis have been largely rebuffed. In 506 AF, King Djulsan of Zanzibaar duly turned down all offers of protection and alliance that Captain Blackheart put forth the previous year. Similar efforts made toward the Orillan people were met with silence.

On the 4th of Mayan, in the year 530 AF, the Pirates of Meropis became the first High Clan, shortly after earning the patronage of Hermes, the Messenger.