High Warden of Nature

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This page is about the forest pope. For other uses, please see Wardens (disambiguation).

Spiritual successor of the Heirarchs of the disestablished Oakstone, only a single individual may hold the title of High Warden of Nature. Empowered by the Gods of the forests, the High Warden is empowered to oversee the responsible usage of forestal powers and mindful care of groves in similar manner to the Deacon of Celestia, Dread Ecclesiarch of Transvital Corruption, Ruinous Intercessor of Interplanar Dominion, or the Seneschal in regards to their respective spheres.

In the year of 861~862 AF Axil and Ogwin, two members of Northern tribes, raided the village of Eleusis. After Axil's narrow defeat, she lost her grip of her frozen blackwood spear. The bladed polearm lodged itself into the Rowan of the Heartwood Kin estate. After the pursuing battle the High Warden of Nature dislodged the weapon and held it high. After learning of it's nature, it was deemed to be a relic of the office, to be passed down from High Warden to High Warden.

High Wardens

Name Term
Aelyn Le'Yuet 678-714
Penwize Baker 714-719
Merewyn Wolfstamme-Stormwind 719-767
Caelan Longshanks 767-855
Adrik Bergson 855-868
Vinceres Ebonheart 868-885
Tysel Diaboli 885-Current