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Leader Chieftain of Nuskuwe
Allies Manara Burrow


Nuskuwe is located even further underground beneath Manara Burrow and accessible only through a narrow breach deep within the area. Due to the freely flowing lava in this extensive system of inhospitable caves, the temperature is extremely high. Natural hot springs and fiery grottos are painted with muted, orange light.


Late in the year 394 AF, a series of tremors shook the Prime Material Plane. Hrorknar, the Gnoll smith, found himself in a precarious predicament, as the ground before him split open into a gaping chasm. Their epicenter located in Manara, the quakes were soon followed by piteous cries for help, as vicious fire wyrms rampaged through the tunnels of Manara, slaughtering all in their wake, starting with the explorer Delphinus Windancer. Even more adventurers were slain by the ferocious Wyrm Lord until he was taken down by a group of adventurers, with the dragon Aztecia Fuil'gra landing the final blow.

By this time, fire wyrms were ravaging above ground in great numbers, all the way from Tasur'ke to Jaru, destroying civilised settlements and setting nearby forests aflame. The catastrophe carried on for days until Imyrr Rousseau, accompanied by Asara Eslofe, acted upon an idea inspired by a conversation he had with Hrorknar. Imyrr and Asara travelled to Moghedu and sought the council of the master mhun demolitionist. He was reluctant to provide assistance but finally agreed under the terms that they would gather the requirements for the task ahead. With the help of their friends, Imyrr and Asara were able to locate all the ingredients in less than a day.

Finally, with Imyrr and Asara leading the way, the demolitionist arrived with the ingredients at Hrorknar's smithy in Manara, where, guarded by a sizeable force guard, he combined the appropriate chemicals and placed them strategically around the gaping chasm. Everyone hurried away, and a thunderous roar, followed by massive vibrations, ripped through the burrow. After the ash and black smoke had cleared, all that remained of the chasm was a narrow fissure, barely wide enough to permit the passage of men, let alone fire wyrms, thus abating further danger to the upper world.


  • An ailing Nuskuwen elder
  • Chieftain of Nuskuwe
  • Men, women, youth, and children of Nuskuwe
  • Nuskuwen hero
  • Shaman of Nuskuwe
  • Shaman's apprentice
  • Stonemason of Nuskuwe


A race of large, slow-moving obsidian people known as the Nuskuwen have made their home within these caves. They live in uneasy harmony with the fire wyrms who mutually claim these lava-filled tunnels as their domain.

Flora and Fauna

Creatures found in the caves include crimson anglers, rock beetles, rock leeches, crimson pyrapedes, ancient wyrms, fire wyrms, pregnant wyrms, wyrm whelps and the Wyrm Lord. No plants grow in these humid, subterranean catacombs, but fungi, such as the ubiquitous colonies of luminescent orange mushrooms, flourish here.