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Sought out by the Knights of Hashan, Sir Mantufalf was welcomed as Hashan's newest citizen to help with city defences and aide the Knights with his combat prowess. A dwarf covered in arcane symbols, he has two dwarven battleaxes strapped to his back and his silver beard is always meticulously braided.

After the House Renaissance, Sir Mantufalf took on the responsibility of inducting citizens of Hashan into the city's two houses, the Somatikos and Krymenian Academy.

Mantufalf's Wares

a Hashani scabbard of deepest midnight - 350gp
Forged from a sturdy compilation of platinum and silver, this scabbard has been carefully smelted around the middle to a deep, midnight-black. Etched very carefully into the metal is a simple black swan, its wings extended outwards as if ready to takeoff into the skies at Lady Valnurana's beckoning. A long, slender neck is fitted with a small head, two eyes fashioned from rubies and glittering at the slightest hint of movement in representation of Lord Twilight. Behind the delicate etching of the swan is a great full moon crafted from pyrite and hanging precariously in the centre, its surface polished to a brilliant sheen in the representation of Lady Ourania.