Lucius Errikale

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Lucius Errikale was one of the more tragic characters in the Wars of Succession. An idealistic leader, he was duped by his infatuation with Castomira Brangwin into leading the opposition against her former childhood friend Catarin deSangre. As the Duke of Imperial Seleucar, he was first among the noble Lords and held much influence within the Empire. Unknown to most people, Errikale was a Serpentlord, his trademark unsmiling expression in truth an attempt to conceal his fang-like teeth. With possible ties to the Coiled Cobra Cult, he was throughout his life a quiet champion for his kin, who were often subject to discrimination.

Though Errikale's weapon of choice was a dirk known as the Arsenic Fang, ultimately it failed him. He was slain in battle at the end of the first War of Succession by Lucaine Pyramides as Catarin deSangre searched for the Staff of Nicator. He was succeeded in the position of Duke by his younger brother, Leophine Errikale.