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First opened in the year 463 AF on Delos by the merchant Merentesh, in preparation for the approaching Mayaween celebrations, the Festivities Annex has since become Sapience's foremost purveyor of all wares holiday-themed, from Logosmas decorations to Mayaween costumes. In 467 AF, the Festivities Annex was moved to New Thera, where it fell under the management of Merentesh's employee, Makesh, though Merentesh maintains ownership of the shop and responsibility for stocking it.

Logosmas Wares

Logosmas snowglobe - 500gp
A piece of solid red oak wood provides the base for this Logosmas snowglobe. Delicate hand-carvings depicting stockings, candy canes, and snowflakes decorate the foundation's border, while atop the base, a transparent sphere of crystal is secured. Enclosed within the water-filled sphere is a snow-covered landscape, with a trio of trees providing a festive backdrop. A round piece of mirror is set into the base, mimicking the appearance of a frozen pond. Tiny statuettes depict a pair of adventurers cloaked in velvet outerwear delicately trimmed in fur. Frozen in place, the happy couple smiles hand-in-hand where they stand atop the reflective surface of the ice.
Logosmas tree - 1350gp
This is a perfect green conifer, with a straight and strong trunk, thick needles, and limbs slanted up at virtually an exact forty-five degree angle.
Peppermint-scented candle - 250gp
Crafted from high-quality beeswax, with a thick, clean, white wick, this candle possesses a soft green hue, shot through with ribbons of bright red and white. When warmed between the hands, it releases the tingling aroma of fresh peppermint.
Evergreen Logosmas wreath - 200gp
A half-dozen soft-needled evergreen boughs are shaped into this festive wreath. Dotted with pine cones and bright red berries, the vibrant decoration adds the fresh scent of Logosmas to any indoor setting.
Silvered reindeer - 80000gp
The stocky body of this northern reindeer is covered with coarse, faded dun fur which bears broad silver streaks across his shoulders and hindquarters. His impressive antlers are covered in a fine layer of soft grey velvet, and are dressed with a number of tiny bells that jingle musically at the slightest movement. A simple leather riding saddle is fitted to his back and padded by a wool blanket woven with bright stripes of green and white.
Logosmas gift box - 200gp
This large square box is covered with glossy red paper. A white satin bow is wrapped around it, trimmed with a snipping of mistletoe and a cluster of holly berries, and the entire thing is just begging to be opened.
Hot cocoa (pewter mug) - 75gp
The words "Happy Logosmas" are engraved into the large rim of this heavy pewter mug. A thick handle curves from brim to base, resembling a flowing bough of holly, complete with bright red berries painted directly onto the metal. Around the mug's exterior, "Merry Logosmas Greetings" are etched in every known language of Sapience, from Atavian to Xoran. The mug is filled with a warm serving of hot chocolate, complete with a peppermint stick for stirring, and a large dollop of whipped cream on top.
Logosmas lantern - 300gp
Four walls of thin red parchment are stretched over the thin metal frame of this hanging lantern, leaving the top and bottom open to the air. Cut from the parchment with exacting precision are the detailed silhouettes of holly leaves, their distinctive shapes accented by whimsical curves and scrolling designs. Suspended in the centre of the box-like frame is a small container of lamp oil with a thin wick protruding from its sealed opening.
Pine-fresh Logosmas tree scented candle - 250gp
Made of high-quality beeswax, with a clean, white wick, the candle is tinted a deep forest-green colour. Warmed between your hands, it releases the pine-fresh scent of Logosmas trees.
Gingerbread-scented candle - 250gp
Made of high-quality beeswax, with a clean, white wick, the candle is tinted the dark, rich colour of molasses. Warmed between your hands, it releases a hint of warm gingerbread.
Candle smelling of things-a-baking - 250gp
Made of high-quality beeswax, with a clean, white wick, the candle is tinted a toasty, light-brown colour. Warmed between your hands, it releases the warm aromas of sugar and freshly baked goods.
Chocolate sovereign - 150gp
Shaped exactly like a real gold sovereign. this piece of chocolate is a near-perfect facsimile in appearance, if not mass. Some seams are visible along the side that do not appear on a real gold

piece. Pulling at these seams reveals quite a surprise: a piece of dark chocolate moulded to the precise shape and dimension of sparkling currency is hidden within! This morsel is the ultimate draydel gambling material: gold, or rather gelt, that is in fact sweet candy.

Letter decorated for Logosmas - 300gp
The outside of this letter is a simple white, but faint outlines of snowflakes can be perceived. Once opened, one sees that bright green holly leaves wreathe the outer edges of this letter, with foil-stamped red berries peeking through at random points. In soft pastels, the main part of the paper features a snow-covered vista. In its foreground is a Logosmas tree decked out with candles and treats. Beside it crouches a dryad, her upturned face illuminated by the candlelight as she reaches out tentatively towards a sweet hanging upon a low branch.
Jingling bells - 200gp
Strung together on a thin wire, these tiny silver bells can be worn in the hair, hung around the neck, or tied to a wrist or ankle. When shaken they make a merry jingle, spreading the joy of Logosmas to all who hear it.
Red-striped candy cane - 150gp
Approximately ten inches long, with a curved hook at the end, this confectionary treat is sure to tempt and tantalise the taste buds of anyone possessing a sweet tooth.
Bough of holly - 400gp
This bough of holly has particularly bright green leaves, and you wonder if the berries are not just a shade more red than the average.
Logosmas stocking - 200gp
This large, plush stocking is crafted from bright red, fuzzy material and bordered around the top by a furry band of pristine white. The stocking is exceedingly long and deep, and capable of holding many things inside at one time. A loop of solid white ribbon has been affixed to the seam running up the length of the heel, acting as a perfect catch to hang the stocking from.
Red-painted Draydel - 100gp
A block of fine-grained wood has been expertly whittled into a Draydel and painted red. The body has been shaped into the appearance of a thick square, which tapers into a pointed bottom that allows the toy to spin freely over the ground. On each flat side of the top are a number of unique designs with the words "take, give, half, all" labelled beneath the corresponding picture and outlined in green and gold. When spun, this toy becomes a fun game of chance for Logosmas revellers.
Sprig of mistletoe - 250gp
Coloured a beautiful green, the sprig of mistletoe inspires thoughts of romance.