Logosmas decorations

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Logosmas decorations are sold by Merentesh every twenty-six Achaean years or so at the Festivities Annex tended by Makesh in New Thera. Adventurers use them to celebrate the charitable holiday. These decorations include:

Boughs of holly
Branches of holly tied together with red bows add a festive touch to any location.
Chocolate sovereigns
This edible currency is used with Draydels.
Logosmas stockings
Tailored from red felt, a white band at the top allows for the stitching of a name by Makesh.
Logosmas trees
Pine trees adorned with ornaments, they cannot be moved once dropped.
Red-painted Draydels
Four-sided tops, they are used to play a popular gambling game.
Red-striped candy canes
These edible weapons share the same proficiency as swords.
Sprigs of mistletoe
Seemingly innocent enough, mistletoe has been nonetheless responsible for a fair share of unexpected marriages.