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Previously living in Tasur'ke where she refined crystals, Lisette, the Refiner, has since joined the Krymenian Academy.

Lisette's Wares

A Sundered journal of deepest midnight - 8500gp
Enclosed by a heavy leather covering, and tooled to resemble dark slates of rock duly cold to the touch, milk-coloured parchment resides within the aforementioned protection. Imprinted upon the tome's spine, a dozen small tendrils protrude from a silver compass rose, the tentacles extending towards the cover and back, cradling symbols of open, ruby, eyes. Upon closer inspection, the circularly placed cardinal points depict the Crossroads of Hashan, the webbing of roads extending from it accurately portraying the layout of the city's infrastructure. Around the edge of the front binding, a painted rendition of a swirling, violet-tinged fog reaches into the outer gaps of the map. An elegant, silver, chain dangles from the bottom of the volume, holding a nearly weightless pebble captive as it serves as a page marker.
A star-covered journal - 8500gp
Tanned and blackened unevenly, the leather of this journal resembles the night sky in all its beauty. Worked and etched with magic, the face displays a brilliant array of stars, changing to the many constellations that hang over the great city of Hashan through the Dance of the Vault. Any subtle tilt of the journal causes the constellations to appear to move, shifting through the rearing head of the lion, the cunning snake with glimmering eyes, and the beautifully elegant rose. Nestled within, the opaque pages of purest black glimmer with liquid silver, ready to accept the touch of its owner's quill. Fashioned into the spine of the book, a long silvery ribbon offers the ease of marking one of the pages for future reference and subtly embedded into the leather, a small plaque displays the title of the tome.
A glass case of shifting hues - 950gp
Eschewing traditional materials, this scroll case has been delicately crafted from two translucent cylinders of glass, one suspended within the other. Curved discs of gilded silver cap each end, a simple chain attached from one end to the other to keep them in place and to allow the case to be worn. Between these silver discs, a mysterious aesthetic encapsulates the scroll case. Churning mists of changing hues have been trapped between the layers of glass, obstructing the contents with a tempestuous, prismatic haze.