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Zarathustra was an Ashtani noble near the beginning of the second cycle of the Ashtan-Shallam Wars (c. 1400 BF). During the Shallamese occupancy of Ashtan by Warlord Darius, Zarathustra organised meetings of deposed Ashtani, Theran militiamen, and paid mercenaries within the Black Forest. Assembling these scattered men into an army, he marched into Ashtan and incited a general rebellion, freeing the city.

In memory of Zarathustra's feats, the central avenue of the city of Ashtan was renamed the Parade of Zarathustra. The triumphant reclamation of Ashtan by Zarathustra and his second-in-command Travian Shea is detailed in Tancred Lasalle's epic poem, Final Resting for Travian Shea.

Years later, during the Eternal Night eclipse of the Modern Age, the soul of Zarathustra joined with the Guardian of Chaos to become Ashtan's new city guardian, the Zarathustran Eagle.