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Irea, Merchantess of Martin's Sorrow is an artisan-entrepreneur who haggles her wares from a stall in Ashtan's ghetto.

Irea's Wares

Formal Ashtani scroll - 5000gp
Elegant in its simplicity, the finest creamy vellum creates the smooth surface of this scroll. Meticulously drawn upon the parchment, aurelian ink faintly traces out a series of spirals emerging from a wheel, the shading subtle and refined as it blends into the background with a soft shimmer. Pressed along the edges of the scripture, gilt lines blend into the piece's spear-shaped golden rollers. Embroidered in stark contrast to these bright shades, patterns of rich purple and deep black shape a detailed brocade across a long silken ribbon.
Heavy research journal - 10000gp
Designed for the unique needs of a scholar or scientist, this thick and heavy journal sports a gilded alembic upon its jacket. Creamy vellum bound in an orderly fashion, the graphic paper ideal for sketching diagrams and taking notes alongside the drawings. A compartmentalised pocket inside the front cover provides storage for quills, charcoal, and small test tubes, with a stack of pre-cut labels allowing for easy specimen gathering and tagging. Waterproofing the book for field expeditions and mishaps in the laboratory, a viscous sileris sealant lines the outside binding.
Secretive journal - 10000gp
Rich brown leather forms the cover and binding of this unique pocket journal. Several hundred pages of fine vellum are prepared for ink, but their smoothly sanded contents remain secure behind the grasp of two brass latches. At the centre of the front cover is a polished brass dial consisting of four concentric rings, each segmented and etched with a series of strange glyphs. Only by aligning the correct sequence of runes can the owner trigger the latches to unlock and gain access to the secrets contained within.
Glistening chimera talon quill - 1500gp
Glimmering in a sickly miasma of multi-coloured light, this polished claw tapers into the base of the original foot of the unfortunate creature. Stained from recent use, a rudimentary, knife-shaped nib's blue-black hue soon fades to reveal the beastly tarsal's chaotic colouration. A slender strap of knotted leather secures a small reserve inkwell to the top of the quill, decorated simply with one small and dangling peryton feather.
Lavishly chaotic letter - 300gp
Glossy spots of beryl pepper the surface of this letter, shaping glistening islands amidst fields of crimson and indigo. Crashing against these meadows, waves of lapis lick at the kaleidoscopic shelter it besieges, traces of brown and orange gleaming within the current. Gilt ink runs in a spiral across the parchment's back, producing a wheel floating on the ocean of paradoxical tinctures.
Unremarkable letter - 300gp
A crude creation of cheap folded paper, this letter exudes an aura of simplicity. At first glance, the dirty and flimsy sheet appears to be little more than a compilation consisting of torn vellum fragments glued together. Closer inspection reveals a delicate complexity to the crumpled parchment, gilt ink shaping a wheel concealed within carefully camouflaged folding.
Embossed gold letter - 300gp
Turned into a functional writing material, layers of compressed gold leaves exhibit the crest of the Seat of Chaos. Keeping the contents of this letter secure, a black sleeve sports a circle cut to ensure the emblem's visibility. Engraved on the surface opposite the insignia, spirals of gilt protrude from a simple wheel, their tendrils sinking into the aurous sheet.
Glimmering manuscript - 12500gp
Layers of a tinted resin cover the surface of this manuscript, refracting the ambient light with a multicoloured sheen. Meticulously applied lines of black ink run below the transparent adhesive, forming a vortex pattern with specks of silver mixed within the sable liquid, spiralling to and from the eye of the whorl. Drawn upon the ivory pages with filigree accents, each sheet sports the depiction of a different Chaos Lord.
Mutant satyr skull inkwell - 2500gp
Relieved of its embarrassing existence, this poor creature has found renewed purpose in the afterlife. Born with one horn protruding awkwardly, slightly off-centre from the middle of its forehead, the satyr's head forms a large inkwell, its crooked jaw and rotten teeth sealed with a dark pitch of tar along with the empty eye sockets. Giving access to the recesses within the pate, the anomalous bone spur bears mill workings, this carven thread allowing removal from or reattachment to the skull, providing a stopper for the travelling scribe.
Sleek thigh quiver of buffalo hide - 1500gp
Designed to be worn strapped around the thigh, this quiver is more slender than its shoulder baring counterparts. Six internal compartments have been structured from a lightweight wood to allow the archer to easily organise and access differently coloured arrows. Made from Ashtani buffalo hide that has been expertly tanned and oiled, the quiver offers durability to weather the strongest of elements. Two long, leather straps complete with blackened buckles provide adjustment so the quiver fits comfortably in place.
Vile vial - 600gp
A thin glaze of sticky grime seems to ooze around this vial. Carved from what remained of a long-rotted stump, the original nature of the wood has been lost. The body is soft, almost spongy to the touch and gives off a foul-smelling odour with hints of mould. A greased cork has been coarsely pressed into the top, should any desperate soul wish to sip from such a thing.
Mystical spirit wood drum - 750gp
The wide, hooped base of this masterfully crafted drum is made of handcarved spirit wood. Each ancient face rises from the warm tans and browns, the natural shade variations adding breathtaking contouring. Stretched across the top and reaching just over the sides is a piece of premium elk hide, the uneven edges secured tightly with rawhide lacings. Threaded onto the bindings in various places are small, crude bone shards, eerily equalling the number of spirits. Centred on the drumhead, its pride evident, is a beautifully sketched eagle. Suspended below the heart of the bird, in the drum's hollow underside, rests a mysterious red stone. With each beat of the drum, the vibration is absorbed by the stone and released as a burst of crimson light, causing the heart of the guardian eagle to pulse with life.