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Vials are small containers, usually for liquids, often with a stopper or some way in which they may be closed. They are mostly used to store curatives (such as elixirs or tonics, and salves or balms), venoms, and some ingredients used for cooking. Vials are different than phials in that the latter is generally designed to be thrown by an Alchemist.

Types of Vials
Empty vials generally cost 300gp, and last about 150 months.
Artefact vials, from Gemstone vials of Moghedu, cost 40cr and do not decay.
Obfuscated crystal vials sold in Delos for 3mc from Merentesh's Shop of Wonders.
Runic glazed vials of bonus elixirs sold in Merentesh's Shop of Wonders for a single Mayan Crown.
Blown glass vials stamped with a city's initial held coloured warpaint and also sold in Merentesh's Shop of Wonders for a single Mayan Crown.

Originally, normal vials held 60 sips when refilled by Transcendent concoctionists ("trans-refillers") and 50 sips when by non-Transcendent concoctionists ("non-trans refillers") (the numbers were 110 and 100 for artefact vials, respectively). On the 7th of Miraman, 454 AF, the capacity of vials greatly increased. Non-artefact vials now hold up to 200 sips, while artefact vials can hold 240 sips. The capacity of vials to hold milked venoms also increased from 50 to 150 applications for non-artefact vials, and from 100 to 200 for artefact vials.

A non-trans refiller can fill a non-artefact vial in 5 fills, while a trans-refiller can fill the same vial in 4 fills. For artefact vials, the number of fills falls to 3 for a non-trans refiller and 2 for a trans-refiller.

Artefact vials may only be poured into other artefact vials, and non-artefact vials may be poured into both types of vials.

Several new commands were introduced in tandem to the above-mentioned changes.


  POUR|EMPTY whatever ON something
  POUR|EMPTY whatever OUT
  POUR|EMPTY vial IN|INTO othervial
  POUR <number of sips> <fluid|vial> IN|INTO othervial

On the 14th of Phaestian, 579AF, Cardan announced the release of tuns. These 100-fill containers, which are purchased from Fronck and placed in stockrooms of shops, allow adventurers to refill their vials without purchasing a new vial or requesting a refill directly from Seasone or another adventurer.

The syntax to purchase a refill from a tun, with the requisite gold in hand, is:

  REFILL <vial|fluid|empty> WITH <tun|fluid>

Vials refilled from a tun will yield a complete superfill (not just a refill) and will be priced the same whether the vial was empty in the first place or otherwise.