Dread Ecclesiarch of Transvital Corruption

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A dread inquisitor who watches the exercise of powers granted by Evil, the Dread Ecclesiarch of Transvital Corruption is empowered by Sartan to place an offending Necromancer (or practictioner of Oppression) under Anathema. This individual's power to regulate their use is legendary, though historically only levied against its worst abusers - those Necromancers who would dare use their abilities against the interests his or her iniquitous Lord. The Deacon of Celestia has an analogous authority with respect to Devotion.

Dread Ecclesiarchs

Name Term
Herenicus Coldraven 393-413
Vadimuses Xanatov-Coldraven 413-517
Xenomorph 517-562
Carmain Fol'ia 562-595
Rakon Rurrowind 595-608
Carmain Fol'ia 608-6??
Tirac Savril 6??-625
Harmonia Nasemnova 625-732
Saeva Aristata 732-754
Ysela Nithilar 754-838
Entaro Nithilar 838-8??
Proficy 8??-