Deacon of Celestia

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Inheriting duties from Archprelates and Caliphs of yore, the Deacon of Celestia is a mortal sanctioned by the Bloodsworn Gods to place a rogue Devotionist (or wielder of Excision) under excommunication. Although any priest or paladin can be affected by its damning purview, historically this power is brought to bear only against the worst abusers of the holy gifts. The Deacon carries a relic of pure devotional power known as the Staff of Celestia, first awarded to the fourth Deacon in the year 667AF. The Dread Ecclesiarch of Transvital Corruption and Ruinous Intercessor of Interplanar Dominion have analogous authority with respect to Necromancy and Domination.


Name Term
Bahtell Muk'tar 623-641
Aldair d'Vast 641-???
Silas Maynard ???-661
Daeir Wintermourne 661-669
Aodfionn Wintermourne 669-731
Kellonius Weltsdown 731-828*
Sothantos de l'Evanoir 828-833
Lyndee Faelithar 833-

(*Kellonius retired in 745 AF)