Grenden Blackthorne

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Grenden Blackthorne is a member of the old Blackthorne family of Eleusis. He, his mother Shandala, and his sister Ishka led the Eleusian branch of the Jaguars crime ring under the command of the mysterious woman named Felisse. Shandala and Iskha were murdered and left at the gates of Eleusis by Jaguar higher-ups, having outlived their usefulness. Grenden, however, was spared.

Grenden took to dwelling in Eleusis, watching over his family's graves in the Eleusian fields for many years. He often complained of being bored, so an Eleusian citizen named Aztecia Fuil'gra-Merre sent him on a quest to study Elementalism. The aim was for Grenden to help her summon an elemental spirit that was to become an Eleusian loyal, thus proving the young man's worth. The ritual was completed upon his return, and Ellie the elemental cloud was formed, quickly becoming an inhabitant of the forestal village. In this way, Grenden atoned for his sins and proved his worth to the city council, and he too was granted citizenship within Eleusis.

After spending many more years practising his new found skills in the ways of the Magi, Grenden approached Urk'Thal, the Blademaster of Aegis, to retrain him in the ways of the blade. They spent many years in the training hall of the Temple of War before Grenden took up his residence in the barracks of Eleusis. He can still be found there today with his loyal black fox.