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Gazban, the Potter, sold his clay and ceramic wares in El'Jazira, a village once situated among the sands of the Mhojave Desert. His wardrobe of a disorganised array of clothing adds to his haggard appearance. His days of harking his wares ended when the fiery death of Ashaxei destroyed the nomad oasis, leaving a crater in its place.

The year 700 contest for the Staff of Nicator had barely come to a close when Gazban, frustrated at having never enjoying a snowy Logosmas, pleaded with adventurers to help him make a snowman out of sand. As the Dance of the Vault enjoyed a new step, the stars shimmered an ethereal green as magic in the desert brought Gazban's sandman to life.

The two spent the next day soaring high above Sapience and, when it came time for the sandman to shift back to his original form, Gazban was left with a winter scarf. Adventurers who helped him were gifted with a vitrified sorting jar as a token of his thanks.