Venasia Enverren

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A sullen and spiteful little girl, Venasia Enverren is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Enverren and Chiada, the nixie. Once locked away in the castle of Enverren Marsh, she led a joyless life, playing with marionettes and missing her mother. More recently, Venasia resided within the city of Mhaldor, in a master bedroom above the Worm and Grub, where her mother sent her in the hopes that should would be properly trained to one day inherit Enverren Castle.

As a result of a botched ritual in Mhaldor, Venasia was exiled back to Enverren to face her stepmother, Lady Enverren. The Mhaldorians agreed to aid Venasia in her plans to overthrow and claim Enverren Castle for her own. One citizen distracted Lord Enverren with gifts while Venasia and a contingent of her allies confronted Lady Enverren. Capturing her, they locked her in the Castle tower where she now resides.

In 826 AF Venasia nominated herself to fill the vacant seat of the Conclave during the second Conclave Reckoning. To her chagrin, her claim garnered no support with the adventurers of Achaea so she withdrew.