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Eleusian Woodcrafts is one of the shops run by Aeron, the Eleusian Whittler. Famous the world over for her wide array of vial designs, the whittler enjoys a modicum of acclaim despite her modest living in the tree-top village of Eleusis.


A purple heartwood vial - 300gp
Formed from a deep violet heartwood, this vial has been carved in the shape of a lovely dryad. Her arms are depicted raised and curved lovingly around a tree, her hair flowing out slightly in a breeze. She is clad in a shimmering crystal gown, accented with flecks of diamonds and silver leaf. Two miniature sapphires are set in her eyes, complementing the smile of pure bliss shown on her face.
A redwood vial - 300gp
This vial is carved from the wood of the giant redwoods of the Aalen Forest. It is carved into the form of a Treekin Warrior of Eleusis. The bark of the Treekin is reddish brown, and coarse, with thorny protrusions from the branches. A few tiny emeralds are inlaid into the base of the Treekin, giving the appearance of moss growing up the tree.
A hazelwood vial - 300gp
This vial is made of a grey wood with a distinct reddish tinge that glows in the light. It is carved into the shape of a butterfly in flight. The wings are nearly translucent and shimmering with reddish and bluish hues. There are tiny diamonds inset as the eyes of the butterfly seem to glisten in the light filtering through a forest.
An ebony vial - 300gp
The wood of this vial is a polished black ebony. It is carved in the form of a panther crouched with taut muscles straining and ready to pounce. Two small golden topaz placed in the cat's head reveal a menacing demeanour, while the tail is held high and curled off to the side, giving an impression of the tail swishing side to side.
A cocobolo vial - 300gp
The wood of this vial is a deep rich brown and slightly scented like chocolate, having been carved from a fallen piece of cocobolo. The vial has been carved into the shape of an archer, similar to those which overlook Eleusis. The archer's bow is armed, a bit of silver inlaid for the head of the arrow and miniature emeralds set to give her eyes a flicker of life.
A white birch vial - 300gp
The white wood of this vial has been naturally blanched by the sun. Carved from a piece of white birch, it has been formed into the shape of a wolf howling at the moon. The detail on the wolf's fur and claws is exquisite, and two beads of amber have been set into the vial for its eyes. The moon is edged in gold leaf, shimmering in the light and seeming to cast mottled shadows on the rest of the vial.
A white oak vial - 300gp
The wood of this vial is mottled giving the appearance of being carved from marble. It is carved into the shape of a horned owl perched on a branch. Two miniature black agates are inset into the face as eyes, giving it an alert expression as the eyes flicker in the waning light. The back and wings of the owl are mottled from the white oak wood, and the chest has bits of gold inlaid into the wood, reflecting the light from below.
A zebrawood vial - 300gp
Carved into the shape of a charming zebra, this wooden vial naturally gives the animal lifelike stripes. The white appears naturally blanched, while the rich black colour gleams with an inner shine. Two miniature opals have been set in the zebra's eyes, and its mane and tail show exquisite detail and craftmanship.
A rosewood vial - 300gp
Carved from a reddish purple rosewood, this vial is shaped in the form of a squirrel. Between its paws, you see that it is clasping a small piece of amber shaped liked an acorn. Two miniature onyx are set as its eyes, shining eagerly at the acorn in its grasp. Its bushy tail is curved, and is streaked with black.
A tulipwood vial - 300gp
The cheerful petals of a tulip curve up around the mouth of this vial. The pinkish wood has been edged around the petals and streaked with a bit of liquid silver to add definition to them. The stem of the tulip has been dyed a pale green, two leaves wrapped delicately around it which give the vial character.
An applewood vial - 300gp
The sweet and fruity scent of apples rises from this vial, as it has been carved from the felled branch of an apple tree. The brownish green wood has been carved into a round cheerful apple, and stained a nice candy-apple red colour. The apple's stem serves as the mouth of the vial, and two emerald leaves flank it.
An orangewood vial - 300gp
Formed from a light and flexible orangewood, this vial has been carved into the shape of a leaf. It is inlaid with silver strands that represent the veins of the leaf stretching from the spine to the outer edges. Several tiny pearls arranged in the shape of a caterpillar curving around the leaf are inlaid at the top, with specks of gold inset as eyes. The vial gives off a distinct citrus aroma.
A dragon-carved rosewood pipe - 100gp
Carved from the deepest red rosewood, this pipe has been sanded and polished to a sheen, the grain of the wood providing entrancing patterns. The neck is longer than the average pipe, slightly curving upwards, the tip capped by a tiny piece of stag's horn. The bowl has been delicately carved into the form of a tiny dragon, which can be lifted by a hinge to fill and light. Once lit and closed, the smoke trails from the nostrils of the dragon, the glow of the pipe lighting the tiny amethyst eyes so that it almost appears to take on life of its own.
A dark, aromatic pipe - 100gp
Rich, dark wood from the cocobolo has been carved into a thick, well-made pipe. Tiny kawhe beans have been delicately embedded to the bowl of the pipe, and carefully petrified to maintain their shape even with heavy use. The bowl itself is curved, wide inside to contain embers and herbs, but closely tied to prevent too much air burning it fast. When lit, the kawhe beans release a heady, aromatic scent, filling the air with a slightly nutty aroma.
An elegant apple-shaped pipe - 100gp
The wood from a fallen apple tree has rather appropriately been used to form this tiny apple, sanded smooth and finely polished. It has been treated with a deep red wood-stain, save for a single leaf at the top which is a vivid green. A small pipe extends from one side for drawing smoke through, and the small leaf operates as a switch to open the apple in the middle, to fill and stoke for smoking. A small hole in the stalk allows smoke to curl out, and somehow the wood is thin enough for the embers to cause it to glow a soft red when lit.
A finely carved heartwood pot - 100gp
Only the most fine of tools have obviously been used in the intricate carving of this elegant purple pot. Detailed leaves and vines almost seem to flow over the wide bowl, each one individually styled with such care that you could almost make out the veins of every leaf. In the centre of one side of the pot, the vines part a little to reveal the form of a beautiful dryad, vines covering most of her body, her arms raised as if to support the lip of the pot itself.
An elegant ebony pot inlaid with a moonlit sky - 100gp
Carved from fine ebony, this wooden pot is black as the night itself, though you can almost make out the grain of the wood if you examine it closely. The pot is inlaid with tiny sparkling motes of diamond dust, which twinkle with a myriad of colours in the light, almost seeming to dance before your eyes. A single pearl is set into the top half of the pot, giving the appearance of a moon that glows when the pot is used, the scene of night-time serenity attempting to instill a little of its peace into your soul.
A hazelwood pot from the Wildwood - 100gp
Seemingly formed from a single piece of wood, you can find no tool-marks on this fine pot. No carvings or wood-stains mar the surface of the pot, instead tiny green leaves seem to be sprouting from it, almost as if the pot is still alive, vibrantly growing despite separation from its tree. You are given to wonder if one of the Wildwood trees gave it as a gift in the same manner as a druidic quarterstaff.
A majestic stag figurehead - 10000gp
Sculpted in regal repose, the magnificent figure of a towering stag manifests from the discarded branch of an ancient redwood. The pelt derives from the rich, red-tinted hue of the wood, unadorned to showcase the grain's rare lace burl and raw, rustic appeal. The beast's head tosses back upon his slender, arched neck, brandishing a powerful set of branching antlers toward the heavens whilst keeping his gaze fixed upon the tumultuous ocean waves. The remainder of his build melds directly to the ship, as though he leaps fluidly from the great prow.
A writhing Viridian figurehead - 10000gp
Crafted with painstaking detail and specially treated to retain its natural hue, a towering Viridian emerges from the mossy tones of blackened locust wood. Slender branches entwine about its forestial form and writhe in a menacing embrace, the vines bedecked with daunting spines. Hidden deep within the foliage, large, almond-shaped opals lend a swirl of maddening colours to the gaze cast out upon the sea.
An imposing Guardian of the Thorns figurehead - 10000gp
The statuesque form of the powerful Guardian of Thorns carves from a hefty specimen of black walnut, deeply stained to a pitchy hue. Etched along the ribbon grain, glorious locks of raven hair stream behind as if caught in a fierce ocean wind, shimmering with glints of gold from the woods unique burl. Sharp thorns pepper her flesh, bristling along her muscular shoulders and arms as though porcupine quills. A pair of enormous jade-green wings arch from her back and cast a dark shadow upon the prow, the appendages flecked with emerald. Fastening the figurehead to the ship, her hound-shaped paws grasp at the bulkhead, her figure poised as if to leap forth over the oceans waves.