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A calculating Xoran, dust-brown Tinker Drucker salvaged abandoned goods before setting up shop in the once empty village Petra, staking his claim on a makeshift storefront. More famously, he sells auction items in exchange for Mementoes of Resolve.

Tinker Drucker's Wares

Hefty shovel - 750gp
A hefty but otherwise nondescript shovel.

Tinker Drucker's Mementoes

Delicate ash wood plaque -- 4 mementoes

Similar to wax tablets for sale in Lothos, this item can be mounted (via PUSH) in your subdivision home and PULLed to be removed. You may TOUCH it to write a message of your choice to be displayed, and SHAKE it to remove the message!

Yearn, a soulfinding dagger -- 6 mementoes

This item functions similarly to the relic Soulfinder, though only holding a single soul. You may SLICE <corpse> WITH YEARN, and subsequently SOULFIND <adventurer>.

Pocketbelt -- 8 mementoes

Pocketbelts can hold both vials and Seasone's one-sip "Other" flasks. Anything stored in a worn pocketbelt is always close to hand, allowing you to sip from it without taking it from the pocketbelt.

Ruby-studded pipe -- 10 mementoes

This pipe has a distinctive appearance, as well as holding 15 puffs rather than the normal 10!

Commendation of the damned -- 12 mementoes

Touching the commendation allows one to champion one of the Underworld political factions, ensuring all your denizen kills contribute to their successes.

Captivating flower maiden figurehead -- 16 mementoes

In addition to her distinctive appearance, this figurehead has special interactions if PUSHed or PULLed.

Ornate winged helm -- 17 mementoes

Glittering silver feathers arc backwards in twinned wings from either side of this ornate helm, sculpted with exacting care and studded with topaz gemstones in miniature recreation of a golden gryphon's majestic wingspan. Crowned with oceanic sapphires, each jewel exudes a comforting azure gleam, while resting over the brow of the wearer is a single diamond. The lovingly polished facets are aglow with soft white light as the centrepiece of this ensemble extends faint luminescent tendrils, forming a cloak of pale radiance beneath and behind the helm.

This helm may be worn in addition to any normal armour, and provides an extra 5% to both cutting and blunt physical damage protection.

Tome of the Muses -- 20 mementoes

A tome of the Muses can be filled with enchanted or aged vellum pages and conveys a number of powers based on the volume of pages it contains. It can also be read to learn about the Muses of Scarlatti.

Giant hornet -- 25 mementoes

This beast is a legendary flying mount! Enough said!

Imperial cuirass -- 30 mementoes

As the winged helm, this may also be worn in addition to normal armour, and provides an extra 5% resistance to both cutting and blunt physical damage.

Deck of mystical cards -- 50 mementoes

These decks can be used to hold the mystical playing cards of Achaean Legends.

Platinum fairy wings -- 65 mementoes

Rippling through the air like quicksilver, the butterfly-like wingspan of these fairytale pinions is a gleaming platinum hue, myriad whorls and patterns spreading across their surface in pale turquoise and aquamarine tones that adapt without pause from moment to moment. Alert to the slightest changes in the breeze, wisps of faint azure mist trail endlessly off each fluttering wing to drift downwards along their length towards darkening violet tips, the multitude of patterns forming and reforming with every heartbeat.

While they have a distinctive appearance, these wings function as Eagle's wings, taking the wearer to the Skies when uttering the magic word "Duanathar"

Piece of aged vellum, level 1 -- 125 mementoes

The vellum for a floating tapestry of pristine vellum

Onyx pedestal, level 1 -- 130 mementoes

The pedestal for a floating tapestry of pristine vellum

Rollers for a tapestry, level 1 -- 135 mementoes

The rollers for a floating tapestry of pristine vellum