Davis Kephry

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Davis Kephry was a noble descendant of Damen Kephry, Catarin deSangre's personal knight after the death of Lucaine Pyramides. After his family, House Kephry of Aster Malik, was taxed into poverty he left his home province and became a freedom fighter. Becoming a notable insurrectionist, Davis wielded his ancestral sword the Catarine Defender against a corrupt Seleucarian Empire.

As leader of the nascent Sapience League, Davis roamed the provinces giving speeches and inspiring townspeople before drawing warriors and strategists such as the Tsol'aa Peleus Ecantona and the Dwarf Emmett Bowing to his cause. It was to Davis Kephry that the half-Tsol'teth Parni deSangre lent his assistance in the felling of the Empire. In his hands, his sword was renamed the Bringer of Tears, owing to the carnage Davis wrought upon the Imperial army with it.