Cyrene Drinks

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This is a listing of the alcoholic speciality drinks of Cyrene, served at the Ram's Horn Bar and The Cyrenian Brewery and Restaurant.

  • Ainghaeal's Absinthe - Made from distilled wormwood. The weaker of two absinthe brews on Sapience, the other being a speciality of Hashan, this one causes inspired creativity.
  • Cyrenian Mudslide - A cocktail of kawhe and creme liqueurs with vodka, milk, and chocolate ice cream. Resembles Cyrene's mountains. Very potent, take care.
  • Ice Cold Blu - Creme de menthe, vodka, white wine, rum with various spices and blueberry juice. Gives a nice chill before a comforting warmth. This is also very potent.
  • Green Dwarf - Scotch whiskey and a dash of lemon juice with a strange green tint, it gives a warm feeling and makes your head clench.
  • Blue Dragon - Served in a blue, cloud-shaped glass, it contains a lifting mix of citrus flavours. It leaves one lightheaded, almost as though they had just climbed a tall mountain.
  • Fire and Ice - Dark, almond-flavoured lager in an ice-coated glass decorated with images of Blu, the Cerulean Spire, and the golden lyre of Scarlatti.