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Conquest is a means of extending a city-state's sphere of influence into the various territories of Sapience by way of battle. Fiery tanks and eidolic beacons are weapons in the ebb and flow of trans-border conflict and every city-state has cyclical times of strength and vulnerability. Maintaining conquered territories is not only for acclaim and bragging rights, but also yields various boons to the conquering cities - won spirit energy fuels short-term material benefits and workings such as xp-bonuses, bolstering city improvements, and more.


Conducting research upon eidolic and elemental energy, Tatynne and O'ising sought to advance their magical study by testing a theory upon a Greater Eidolon. They requested the assistance of all city-states, save for Mhaldor, to invade the evil city and utilize their city guardian, Mhaldorus. On 25 Daedalan, 908 AF, the combined forces of Ashtan, Eleusis, Hashan, and Targossas laid siege to Mhaldor for approximately two Achaean days. It would all fail tragically for the attacking forces, resulting in O'ising being slain by the forces of Mhaldor and denying the use of their city guardian.

Following the siege, O'ising would return from the Halls of Ugrach and devise a new plan for the test. After agreeing to use Hashan's city guardian, Tatynne and O'ising began their magical spellwork, and in response to the swell of magic the Elemental Conduits reacted in kind, showcasing the success of the theory. The process unlocked new avenues of warfare for the city-states by spreading their Greater Eidolon's spirit and influence to areas within the land. In the year 909 AF, Ashtan was the first city-state that attempted and succeeded in spreading its eidolic influence to another area.