Champions' Bridge

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The Champion's Bridge links the southern shore of the Silverveil River in the Eastern Reaches to Targossas. Regal and opulent, the entrance to Targossas is a monumental display of artistry in stone. Great round columns, gracefully fluted and topped with ornately carved capitals, stand upon the southern bank of the river. They mark the beginning of the broad Bridge of the Champions, which rises gradually to meet the gatehouse upon Blackstone Isle at a slightly higher elevation. Supporting the bridge is a single arch of stone blocks, pale gold in hue, cut with such precision that one must look closely to identify the seams. Like a triumphant procession, statues of heroic warriors and combatants are rendered in snowy marble along the shoulders of the bridge. Such legendary devotees to the cause of Good as Sir Gawain, Maran La'Saen, and Captain Pericles can be seen among the figures, as well as the likenesses of Isildur, Roncli, and Sothantos, celebrated bearers of the Staff of Nicator.