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Maran La'Saen (Daedalan 13, 195 AF—c. Daedalan 5, 261 AF) was a modern Sultan of the city-state of Shallam and Guildmaster of the Priests Guild. He is renowned for being the only mortal to have ever held the rank of "Rider of the Black Boar" in the Divine Order of Lord Sarapis, the Logos. However, his most memorable achievement followed his attempt to restore the ailing Lord Deucalion by sacrificing himself. Although unsuccessful, the Gods honoured Maran's selfless act and his soul was joined with the remaining essence of Lord Deucalion to become Lord Pentharian, God of Righteousness and Valour.

A statue of Maran, crafted from white marble, once stood on the street of Zaphar Promenade in Shallam.

His selfless renown is commemorated in the Maran card of the Deck of Legends.