Bay of Dardanos

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The Bay of Dardanos is a vast, choppy sea of the Borean Ocean. Its waters are bordered to the north, south, and west by the shores of north and north-central Sapience; to the east by the Lothian Reaches; to the southeast by the Cnidian Gates; and to the northeast by the Borean Ocean.

Notable ports on the Bay of Dardanos include Milena, the ruined complex known as Tenwat Prison, and a tiny island used to reach the underwater city of Lothos. The shores are dominated for the most part by vast untamed tracts of the Northreach Forest, the Dardanic Grasslands, and the Tundra.

Natural resources of the Bay of Dardanos include abundant fish populations such as whiskerknot skrei, stripefish, two-headed fish, giant hatchetfish, coelacanth, spotted fangtooth, duskfin tuna, and redfin tuna. Also present in the Bay are sea bass, black and white spadefish, bull sharks, and large populations of oysters.